The Art + Science of customer engagement

As Greg Wolfe brilliantly points out at #MarketingNation – in the last 5 years, with mobile, social and technology revolutionised, marketing within in the engagement economy has also totally revolutionised.

It’s now about authentic, personalised, relevant engagement across multiple interaction touchpoints.

What’s driving this ?

  • lack of attention + oversupply of stimulation
  • with 1/3 of individuals on Facebook every week
  • means delivering an authentic message is the way forward to engage with customers, make them feel they know you and care about you
  • and so to drive value creation.

How do we deal with this incredible problem and challenge? The art and science of being brands, customers and data together to support intelligent, authentic, relevant, timely, meaningful and yes (in the “art” context, even special relationships between individuals and brands).

How? It starts with listening…

  • listening for authentic understanding, fact, signals – what Google calls Micro Moments, I-want-to moments, emotions, underlying intent.
  • Some of that … behaviour, search, transactions, web activity is easy to track digitally, with systems & platforms … and yet still, difficult to bring together for many companies.
  • Emotion and true intent? Hmmm a little more tricky but not impossible. The clue here might be to use your empowered colleagues.

It’s a huge, exciting challenge. And thats only the first step. After that the intelligence has to be turned dynamically into action that will make a difference.

Done successfully, that’s a challenge worth getting up for because it delivers value to both brands and customers. #CustomerValue

Customers want to do business with brands they have a relationship with.

As #Wunderman found in their study, shown in the photo, 79 % of us want to buy from “brands that care about me”.

And why shouldn’t we.

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