X – One big Q

How much of your savings and disposable income would you spend on your best friend?

How will the iPhone X sell at a price point that’s beyond the pocket-money of many?

I’m not for punting my bet just yet. But if Apple pull this off then it will be one of the greatest product-driven Customer Value Acceleration (CVA) initiatives of all time.

What I would just say is that there are other CVA and CX components to get right too. And whilst Apple do many of those extremely well, hmm maybe not all get the attention they fully merit. It’s skewed towards product and experience.

I mean, if you walk into a store it’s a great experience, if you have a software issue via WebChat it’s brilliantly resolved by real engineers. If you love music and you’re still hanging in there, you can subscribe to that too.

But if you don’t contact them… do they know you?
Do they know for example, whether you as an individual person are likely to buy an X?

And can they leverage that information given the common distribution system via Mobile Network Operators and MVNOs?

While Operators are queuing up to place a tiny EE or O2 logo on a gigantic technicolour Apple iPhone X ad that looks identical but says EE at one tube station and O2 at the next, maybe it simply doesn’t matter.

It may be that your best friend is actually “a phone that is all display, a physical object that disappears into the experience”.  In which case, it could be any case. And any brand.

Let’s find out !


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