AR & VR in travel – 4 levels of immersive experience

PokemonGo Travel photo Pokemon on the Beach

As we head towards 2018 and beyond… will 2020 vision be augmented?

A practical review of the changes in customer experience for the travel industry through AR and VR or what Gartner in their Top10 Tech Trends for 2018 call “Immersive Experience” has led me to the realisation that this tech trend has already arrived.

How so you might say?

  • Two words. PokémonGo.
  • One number. 100 million+ downloads.

With around 9-30 million users a day, that’s a lot of time spent on holiday looking for monsters on the beach as per the image above, or on the sightseeing tour.  However, the impact on travel by end of the decade will be rather much more far reaching than that !

The extent to which your experience really is immersive will depend on your choice of intelligent digital mesh technology… So from Handset to Headgear to Headset to HeadReallyIsNowSet, here’s my view of the 4 levels of Immersive Experience that are around the corner… well actually already here !



AR VR Travel - SG

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