What type of future (brand) experience maker are you?

Making fantastic product experiences happen and doing it well does create Customer Value Acceleration that can lead to significant shareholder growth for large global corporates.
Have you, or could you lead and inspire this kind of change? Try the Adobe quiz.

Driving CX means constant brands and their people must have a devotion to their purpose, ‘being there’ for all customers, across all channels
– in the key search micro-moments,
– throughout the purchase process
– and throughout service usage, (so often under-represented) to ‘stand the brand’, drive all-important ‘actual-experience’ and therefore the ‘influence-perception’ of others.

Put another way, the corporate must orientate itself to maximize the value from all customers, at all times, in all channels.
– operational excellence (process and costs at a minimum which is highly scalable)
– creative automated communications
– creative human interactions that pack a punch

In either view, this is where Adobe Experience Cloud* is essential, to maximize Customer Value Acceleration. #CVA
(*other enterprise-level comms, CX, data and creative “customer value tech stacks” are available…, but not as leading-edge)


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