Customer Value Acceleration®

What is it?

Customer-led Digital Transformation

At 3RM we create and implement customer-led digital transformation based on end-to-end service design across digital and traditional channels.
We’ve been doing it for many, many years.

Prioritised by Customer Value

At the heart of the Customer Value Acceleration® process is a simple principle, but one that I’ve only ever seen 3RM apply in practice, despite all the UK, Australian, European and global service brands I’ve worked with.

And whilst the process is proprietary to 3RM, the principle is simply this: prioritise your strategic choices and your digital transformation and CX roadmaps pragmatically, by what will deliver most Customer Value.

Bring your product or service brand and customers closer together across all channels with a personalised experience driven by data and technology and a human experience supported by the six pillars of CX.

The art of hospitality and a dedication to service excellence at scale – through end-to-end product and service design and personalised communications, supported by data – weaves together human interactions and omnichannel digital experiences.

3RM co-creates, drives, prioritises and effects change, based on customer value.


Constant change is the new normal. Each new wave of technology and communications revolutionises what’s possible.
Internet, mobile, ecommerce, digital journeys, integrated journeys, apps, social, email, messaging, push messaging,  digital advertising, display, search,  SEO & PPC, social and content marketing. Brand experience, augmented reality, robot assisted interaction, human interaction. All can help to deliver product, personalised communication and superior service at scale. The #3RM process for this is Customer Value Acceleration®.

A customer led approach from 3RM delivers a Connected Consumer Strategy to maximise Customer Value.

To start conversations and processes to maximise Customer Value in your business, the first step is to simply contact us for a discussion or an initial consultation.